June 30, 2009

You can lead a horticulture...

March 8, 2007

...but you can't make her think.

I just threatened the owner of my landscaping company. I also put a call into the Contractor's Board. Next step…big, mean, money-grubbing lawyer. Ah…the American way of getting business done. I signed their stupid contract on 1/30..they cashed my check on 1/31. The contract states "commencement of project shall be not later than 30 days". Today is the 38th day. Today is also the 3rd day of PMS. Now…I'm sorry.....who wants to fuck with me?! Not the landscapers, I assure you. The owner said tomorrow morning he "guarantees" workers will be at my house. Guarantees. I asked him what on earth made him think that I would believe him. So, we shall see. Stay tuned tomorrow. Same shat time…same shat channel. I will either be pleased......or beating the shat out of someone. Shatheads.

I have keys on my key ring that I have no idea what they open. I have my house, car & mail key. I also have a key to my mom's house. What the hell are the other two? They are like squatters. I shall dub them my squatter keys. Should I toss the squatters? Live on the edge?

Monday I decided to paint the wall behind my pot shelf this lovely dark brown. My cousin painted my kitchen this past weekend and left his ladder outside. So, I grabbed his ladder, feeling all HGTV and hoisted up all my supplies. The ladder didn't quite reach the pot shelf but I drug my fat ass up there anyway. I proceeded to paint the wall without any thought to my descent. I had a momentary lapse of judgment. I didn't have a phone and Amanda wouldn't be home for about 6 hours. What if I was stuck? What if I fell? What if my sugar dropped? Thankfully, I watched "The Secret" the night before. I knew the Professor of Doom outlook was not going to do. I changed my pattern and thought about how awesome I was going to feel knowing I did it by myself. That…plus my newfound arm muscles…enabled me to make it down safely. Yay!

I thought "The Secret" was awesome. A little gay at times but the thought is fantastic. I am incorporating this process into my life and telling the universe exactly what I want. I deserve only good and positive things. This idea also encouraged me to begin writing. I have always wanted to write a novel. I have had fleeting ideas and usually always have some sort of story line or idea flittering about in my mind. It's all about focus. I haven't been focused enough to complete my stories. Now, that will change. No more flitting about. I will write a book and it will be fabulous. I've also compiled a list and a vision board of things that I want. Things that I will get. The universe is going to realize I'm not messing around anymore. Take that universe!

Do you realize I just had my photo taken? For work? A company photo? What??!! Are you friggin kidding me?! THERE ARE 4 PEOPLE HERE!!! *Yes….hysterical, maniacal screeching is attractive. Pretend you can hear me.* I told my boss no. I didn't want my picture taken. I had to take the group photo though. Damn it! Stupid photograph!!

I know it's not Friday but a Thursday blog is just as good.

Here's a closing thought courtesy of "The Secret".

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought." – Buddha

*Addendum ~ Mom & Beth called. There are huge piles of dirt & rock in front of my house. It has begun.


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