June 30, 2009

You Are Only As Young As You Feel

May 25, 2007

I went to the butterfly park last night with some friends and all of our kids. Going to the park made me realize a few things. The most important is that I should be the leading actress in my own movie entitled '30 going on 13'. Alright….alright…fine. I'm not 30. Shut it!! I don't think I've ever grown up. Maybe it was the running across the soccer field, jumping on a massive tube, sliding down slides or trying to do cartwheels that made me realize this. I broke my wrist..almost. I bruised my knee. I pulled my inner thigh muscles…stupid cartwheel…AND my back hurts. Are you kidding me?

Do you FEEL younger than you ARE? My mentality became stuck somewhere in my teens. It sucks when you realize your body is older than your mind!! I can't believe you only get to live life once. I've been having such an awesome ride that I want to do it again. A mulligan, sort of like my marriage.

Tonight I have a birthday dinner with one of my dearest friends. She left me a voicemail saying that she wants to go to JET around 11:30p and I'm going with her. She's picking me up at 11p. First of all, the last time I've been to a club was in the early 90's. Second of all, I'm not a size 0 nor do I have breast implants. Third of all, I am so white and have zero rhythm when it comes to dancing. What the hell do I wear??? :::sigh::: Of course I'm going because I love this woman but….holy cow.

I have such a busy weekend coming up, which is both good & bad. I've been saying for weeks that I need to stay home & chill. Obviously, I didn't believe myself. It's my friend and my mom's birthday this weekend. We are doing spa pedicures tomorrow. It's so cool because I called my nail salon and asked if they could accommodate 7 people. I told him I was celebrating some birthdays with pedicures. He is closing the spa down! Seriously! He said he would close down and provide us with grapes & wine as a birthday present. How freaking cool is that?! No extra charge, just the cost of the pedicures. Wow. I love my little Asian nail guy! Then I'm going to see Pirates. Oh my. The movie is almost 3 hours long and I have absolutely no problem with that. I will be very happy drooling over androgynous Depp. Yum! Oh…hoooorah!

My last paragraph is a realization that I had a while ago but I just wanted to share. Everyone judges…everyone. You can hop off your soap box because you do even if you say you don't. You never really know someone until you know someone. Meaning you can be so wrong about a person you don't know….so wrong that it's freaking amazing. I am totally guilty of judging, based on things I hear, see, and think. Most of the time, I never get to know the person I have judged so I never know that I am wrong. I found out just how wrong I was about 6 months ago when I met a woman I judged…harshly. Once I got to know her and spend time with her, I realized that I adore her so much. I adore her family. I adore her spirit. I adore her heart. I adore her humor. I adore her as a mother. She is so much like me it's crazy. She also knows I'm talking about her right now. I am spending 3 days in a row with this woman and I love it! I'm so excited to see her because it's like a little gift. So, don't be so quick to judge. I know it happens and I know everyone does it but just imagine the treasure you could be missing out on.

Have a great holiday weekend! YAY!


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