June 29, 2009

So, Where in the Bloody Hell Are You?

November 13, 2006

I've decided that Amanda & I are going to Australia. Yea!

We met this wonderful family, a few years back, when we went on our tour of Great Britain. Terry, Gay, Grant & Rosie. We immediately fell in love with them and spent a good part of our trip side by side. I became Grant and Rosie's adopted aunt. They loved my outgoing and upfront personality. Poor things.

Anyway, right off Terry offered me a job in Australia. Terry is the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco....sounds very important. I probably should have taken him up on that offer. haha! They have always wanted Amanda & I to visit and stay with them. They have a home on Dee Why Beach, which is absolutely gorgeous. They have been out here to visit and we keep in touch regularly. In fact, that is where Amanda got her shower cap that is featured on wearthehat.com....which has died, but I digress.

I have decided to put off buying a home. I wrote a few blogs back that I wanted a new house. However, I have been thinking that homes have become the mark of social status here in Vegas. Everyone wants a bigger and better home so that they look important and successful. Well, I've decided that I'm neither and there isn't anything wrong with my house. Granted it isn't in a gated community or located in Lake Las Vegas but it's mine. I would like a bigger house because Amanda is getting older and we both need our space but at what price? Isn't it nicer to be close? So instead of doubling my mortgage payment and having more square footage to clean, I've decided to live my life with experiences. So, forget the house ~ travel instead! YEA!

Australia. The seasons are opposite, for example it's summer there right now, and we'd have to go before school starts. So, that would be sometime in August. Damn, that's a long time. At least it gives me time to call Grant and get everything planned. I'm anal that way! Haha! I do know that airfare is expensive, around $1400 per person, but they say they have a plan so we'll see. The prospect is very exciting! I want to surf, snorkel the Barrier Reef, visit the Outback, touch a roo, and learn to play my didj from a real Aborigine! My brother did the Sydney Harbor Bridge climb and said it was worth it. Thankfully the Mullane’s know I want to run amuck in their Australia and are anxious to help me do it!

I better start saving my money!


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