June 30, 2009

Rantings of a Crazy Person

February 22, 2007

Ok, let me preface this by saying I'm not really in a bad mood. However, I have the potential of being in a bad mood. Thankfully, I still have my humor. Whew!

I'm about to go off on a little rant. Call it a temper tantrum, call it pessimistic, call it what you will. It's mine and I need to let it loose. If you can't handle it, close my blog. Go away. Spread your optimistic cheer on someone else's blog.

Ready? On your mark? Go!!!!

* WTF!!! The staff at my dentist office are assholes. My dentist may even be an asshole. Why the frig do you make appointments? I had a consultation appointment with my dentist yesterday at 3:00pm. I LEAVE WORK EARLY! This means...I either don't get paid or lose my sick time when I'm not really sick. God forbid I do get sick. Anyway, I arrive 15 minutes early as is proper. Over an hour later with no explanations, no apologies, no freaking acknowledgement even...I walk out. Screw that. I called them today and told them I was picking up my dental records at 4:30p. Have them ready and up front. I'm done. I think I am going to send them a bill for my 2 hours of time missed from work, plus gas & mileage. See how they like that.

*My yard is still a freaking mess. It's literally driving me crazy. I am a Type A personality, a Virgo AND a control freak. I can barely take the sight of my yard!!! I haven't heard from any illegals concerning my project. The contract states that they have 30 days to begin the job. On March 2nd, there will be some serious Kelly hell to pay and THAT, my friends, is not pretty.

*My house payment is going up $200. I expected this as I had a 3/1 ARM. I'd like to be able to tell myself how lucky I am that I had a low payment for 3 years. Yea, can't. All I can focus on is I need to find $200 extra dollars a month for my house with a crappy yard.

*My granite countertops stain. I'm watching my friend's daughter for the week and last night she had a soccer game. Yes. I was a soccer mom. Before leaving, the girls washed some blackberries. Apparently one of the blackberries fell into the sink. Bella, I know it was her, grabbed the berry and munched it on the counter. We get home from the game to find a lovely berry stain on my brand new freaking granite. I am calling later to find out if they even freaking sealed the countertops. Grrrr.

*Why is it that it's not very often that I'm attracted to a guy? But when I am he's not available. Or, even worse, not interested?? I can't control who I like or who I don't. It just is...it just happens. Why does my body only react to the ones I can't have? What the hell is wrong with me?

AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!! I feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy yanks the football away and he yells! Wait...I'll find a picture of him and put it on here.

Anyway, am I done? I think so. Other than my crappy job which still sucks the life out of me, I think I covered everything. You wanna know something scary? I'm not even pmsing. How sad is that? I don't even have anything to blame.

My friend, Beth, is taking me out to dinner and for a foot massage next Saturday. I'm so excited for something nice and I'm so excited that I don't have to do it for myself.


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