June 30, 2009


May 12, 2007

...I do not live on some farm in Nebraska. I live in Vegas on a cul de sac.

How is it possible that I had a friggin MOUSE IN MY HOUSE today!!!???!!!

I HAVE THREE CATS!!!! It's like a demented Dr. Suess book!

Ok. This morning my oldest cat flipped out of all the sudden and starting running around my bookcase. I thought it was possibly the cat nip that is in his treats. I got up, looked in and around the bookcase, saw nothing and continued to ignore the cat.

My youngest cat then joins in. I got up again, moved some books, saw nothing. Got a flashlight and looked behind the bookcase, nothing. Fine. It's definitely the cat nip. They are hallucinating. I know how they feel so I go back to watching my movie.

A few minutes go by and I look at the cats. They are curled up on the floor sleeping. Fine. About 20 minutes later the older cat stands up and is staring at the TV. His back arches up and he looks like he's going to pounce the TV. Now I figure it's a bug or worse...a spider. I get up, look behind the TV on the floor and on the wall....nothing. My heart is pounding like crazy because I'm expecting a friggin spider. All of the sudden, I see a mouse on the TV stand. I revert back to some 1950's housewife and tell Amanda to go grab a broom while I run off and grab a garbage bag & paper towels. If there was a chair close by, I swear I would have jumped on it. haha! I have no idea what to do but we try to catch him. I learned three things.

Mice can jump. Therefore causing screams from the humans.

Mice are sneaky. Little bastard rodents.

Mice are tricky. They're tricky, for real.

The little bugger crawled into where I keep all my videos. I had to take out all the videos, move the DVD & VCR and there he was, perched on top of a movie. I tried to block him in but he escaped. Like I said...tricky. He ran over by my plants.

Now I know this may sound cruel to some but I really had no other option. I grabbed my middle cat. The hunter. The one that brings me birds. The only cat I trust. Shadow got the mouse, took him outside and continued to play with him for about an hour.

I have no idea where the mouse is now but he's not in my house.

Holy cow.

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