June 30, 2009


July 9, 2007

People are strange. Of that I have no doubt. Myself included. Among the millions of oddities that I have, one just came to mind. Another bathroom issue because, well, I was just in there. I hate toilets that don't have flushing power. Why would you put a weak flushing toilet in a public bathroom? For that matter, why create weak toilets? I like toilets with power. It's that simple. The issue isn't even what you are doing in the bathroom. Some toilets can't handle any action. I just peed. Urine. Toilet paper. That's it. This weak public toilet couldn't even muster up enough power to flush pee and paper. Imagine if anything else were to end up in that toilet. Holy sh….cow! Anyway, toilet makers, here's an idea. Build a toilet that flushes everything down the first time. Not 42 flushes later.

I have a headache for a week. I wonder if I have a brain tumor.

Ok. Come on. We all know about those people that do not have mirrors in their house. We see them in Walmart, at the mall, over dinner, in the theaters, everywhere. I understand that they walk out of their house not knowing exactly how they look because they don't have mirrors. I get that. But do they not have friends? Co-workers? Anyone? I stopped at Starbucks to get my drink, which is nothing out of the norm, but the female that walked in was. She was 1200 pounds of tube top, tight jean, heavy makeup and fake nail wearing chaos. Really? Really. What in the bloody hell was she thinking? I know I look like crap when I roll out of bed & go grocery shopping on Saturday morning, but seriously, my fat is covered. My face is washed, my hair is brushed and so are my teeth. Does this poor woman have no one in her life that refuses to let her look like that?

I went school shopping this week for Amanda. I love school shopping but hate spending the money. I know...shocker. We hit all the teen stores that EVERYONE goes to. American Eagle, Hollister, Tilly's. We actually saw some of Amanda's friends in AE. Crazy. I don't remember wanting to shop at the mall until I was in high school. I don't even remember caring what I wore in middle school. At all. I was cute so it didn't matter what I was wearing. haha! Actually, Amanda is tall & skinny so everything looks cute on her. Some of the clothes in these stores are so slutty. I'm thinking that a 13 year old doesn't need to have booty shorts on. I wonder about the parents that were in line buying their kid shorts that barely covered their ass. You CAN'T blame the daughter. You MUST blame the parent. Don't be shocked, Mom, when your daughter is 15 and pregnant.

I don't like gum. My friends know this. I don't like hearing it, seeing it, doing it or knowing about it. It totally grosses me out. I've said this many times in the past. Cud chewing cows. If I wanted to see that, I would go live on a farm. BUT, gumballs taste amazing! Those huge gumballs? Wow! They are so big you can't fit the whole thing in your mouth without choking, they are coated with sugar glass and crunch into chewy bits upon first bite AND THEN a taste explosion occurs inside your mouth! Childhood love ensues! Why don't they make a candy bar that tastes like gumballs? Or suckers? I just shoved a green one in my mouth! I'm delighted! I spit it out after it became gumlike, but it was fantastic!

I spent my weekend on the couch watching Sex in the City. I'm so excited that I have all seasons on DVD. This show never gets old for me. It was so great to veg and watch women who basically live my life…without the sex, bars, clothes & shoes. Sometimes I think Sara Jessica Parker is gorgeous, other times, not so hot. I think she has an adorable body though. I decided that I am going to create a signature walk. I need a cute, flirty little walk. I think I'll start practicing now.


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