June 29, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

December 22, 2006

Don't be jealous that I'm leaving work at 2p today after an office Christmas lunch. This is good because I forgot my lunch today. Ooooh, I hope there are drinks included!! Oh, and don't be jealous that I'm on vacation next week too. Yea!!

That being said....my Christmas tree is dead. DAMN IT! I loved this tree so much and look what it does?! It didn't care that it's not even Christmas yet! It didn't care that I haven't turned the lights on in days! It didn't care that I've been willing life back into it! Stupid Christmas tree. Anyway, I'm going to try and figure out how to get the corpse out of my house tomorrow. Grrr. It was a beautiful tree.

Amanda and I watched The Notebook the other night. I specifically avoid these types of movies because I don't need to feel any worse about my life than I already do. haha! Just kidding. But I do tend to steer more toward the comedies and rightly so. This movie made me cry like a big ass baby. Holy cow! What a great story!

Today is Bill's birthday and we're going for a sushi dinner. Very excited about that! It's a good thing I get to leave work at 2p. Now I can drive to stupid Henderson and be on time for dinner! Happy Birthday, Billy!!

Here's a question, why must slow drivers travel in the fast lane? Do they not know that this is the fast lane? Or...the passing lane? These things don't change state to state. So, the excuse of "tourist" does not apply. First off, if you are a tourist, stay the hell off the freeway between 7-9am and 4-6pm. Common sense people! Second off, if you're going slow....get in the SLOW LANE!!! The far right!! The turning lane!! The one where EVERYONE is traveling at a turtle pace. NOT the one where everyone is riding your ass, waving their arms, passing you on the right and going more than 80!!! Then when it dawns on your dumb ass to change lanes, don't give us dirty looks! Dumb ass! Whew! Ok, thank you. I'm done.

I finally got my HE loan. I am now entering into the process of getting estimates on my landscaping & some interior work I want done. This is not fun for me. I want to skip the whole process and go straight to the end result. Be prepared for a lot of stressful blogs. My apologies in advance.

I also joined the gym yesterday. I've decided that if 40 is the new 30, I've only got a couple of years to get in shape. I also have a trainer. My first meeting with him is tomorrow morning at 10a. Who chose 10a as a time? Ugh. I guess I did. Oh man, what did I do??!!

Anyway, Happy Christmas to everyone! I hope Santa or Hanukkah Harry brings you everything you want!


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