June 30, 2009


March 14, 2007

My yard looks AWESOME! Oh my gosh! I am so happy, it's insane. It looks great, it smells wonderful and I can't wait to sit outside and just be. I can already tell that outside is going to be my sanctuary. I have a hammock that I'll lay in and read while smelling the rosemary, honeysuckle & jasmine! Oooooooh!!! YAY! It was totally worth it!

I went to a new dentist last week and felt really good about him. Actually, he's a periodontist. I'm well past the dentist stage. It wasn't because he said I was stunningly beautiful either! Haha It was because he was honest and upfront. I've been a diabetic for 21 years. I don't need flour coated ideas, false hope or smoke blown up my ass. This guy was great! He told it like it was and let me know what was going to happen. Whew! Finally!

I have to say that I have the greatest group of girlfriends. Over the past year I have met some really fabulous women! These women are intelligent, kind, caring and funny as hell. They are beautiful, strong, honest and loving. There are so many positive things I could say about each one! Most importantly, these women are my friends. I consider myself very grateful for having each of them in my life. I have to tell you, I can be hard to be friends with! No. Seriously! It's true. I'm so glad I took my walls down and came out of my cave long enough to let these ladies in. You know who you are…now you know how much I appreciate you and how happy you make my heart! Thank you!

Ok, enough frivolities! Remember the guy I met at Starbucks, he flirted with me like crazy, and then erased his MySpace account? Haha! I was searching Vegas people on MySpace and found him again! I clicked on his profile and was amazed, yet again, at the amount of bullshit emitting from this man's mouth! I honestly believe things happen for a reason. The reason for his disappearance is that this guy is an asshole! The universe knew I didn't need another one of those in my life! Thank you, universe! I just hope he doesn't ask to be my friend again. ::shudders::

I think I'm going to name my book "Bitter, Party of One."

So, a holiday close to my heart is quickly approaching. Yes, ..St. Patrick's Day. A celebration for me, Kelly of the Kelley's. American by choice, Irish by birth. My mother's side is Irish. My great grandparents, Isaac and Maggie came over on the boat. My dad's side is German. So, that makes me a drunk. An angry drunk, doesn't it? Anyway, that makes 2 holidays where I can drink & be merry. I can wear green on St. Patrick's Day and lederhosen for Oktoberfest. How lucky am I?!

I found another reason why I need a man. Reason #22 ~ to paint my house. I painted my living room and hall on Sunday. My body is still sore! My ass, thighs, arms and back were killing me! My legs still hurt. I am an awesome painter though, but crap if I would want that job! It's boring and I lack the patience. I'm proud of myself though. I did it! However, if I ever need my house painted again I'm hiring someone….or having my boyfriend do it while I lay on my hammock.

One last statement….I am some form of a hippie. I know people say I'm a hippie and I've claimed the title as such but perhaps I am something more. My parents were/are hippies so I it could be genetic. I mean, I'm not the dirty, unshaven, patchouli hippie hanging out in my Jerry Garcia tee. Wait…maybe unshaven….ok, sorry..you got me there. However, I don't impose my beliefs on others. I do advocate a liberal attitude and lifestyle. I believe in peace, love and freedom. Yet I don't reject middle class and working 9 to 5p. Oh, trust me, I would if I could but I like to eat as much as the next hippie does. I'm not political but I'm anti-war. So, perhaps hippie isn't the right word. I need to further describe my title. Possibly name myself a Neo-hippie, Urban Hippie or New Hippie. Perhaps I could just stick with Free Thinker. Modern Day Hippie? Huh. I need to take off my shoes and go hang out in my garden.

Happy Hump Day everyone.


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