June 29, 2009

No Whine, No Cheese

November 8, 2006

What a crappy week I've had so I'm rebelling...Being unhappy is not my favorite thing to be so I'm moving on.

I'm so excited because I finally got my antibiotics! I picked them up yesterday and already I am feeling better... It's amazing how instantly my body knew that I wasn't screwing around anymore... I should pay more attention to Criss Angel and learn that mind control crap... Then I'd teach my body a lesson!

You know what I love and think is totally amazing? Relationships. I have two girlfriends that do not live in Vegas... One I've had since grade school and the other for about 11 years now... Since they don't live here and we all get wrapped up with our daily lives, we don't talk or email as often as we'd like. BUT, when we do talk, it's like we haven't missed a day.....I know that I could not speak to either one of these girls for years and we would still be best friends and still connect immediately... That's powerful stuff.

My neighbor has already put up his Christmas decorations. Are you kidding me? I just flipping took down Halloween decorations!! I usually think the people who leave their lights on all year round are just lazy and I don't really pay much attention to them. But, I pull into my driveway yesterday and there are 2 sleigh with reindeer all lit up in my neighbor's yard??? UGH!!! Amazingly enough I have started my Christmas shopping but I am not even close to being where I normally am. I have no idea what to get people this year. Half of them are easy but the other half...oh man. I better get the ball rolling. I'm going shopping this Friday so there is a start. But, what's with the decorations?! Aren't they supposed to go up AFTER Thanksgiving??!!

Who reads these blogs anyway? I think I write them more for my entertainment then anyone else’s.

You know what else is funny Myspace relationships vs. Real life relationships. I think they both exist. I have many of each. There are many forms of relationships.. B, G & I have fought about this before. I think that you absolutely can have relationships with people you have never met. Anyway,..a Myspace friend was emailing me one day from Starbucks. We were talking about which store he was at. He told me where he was and I told him he wasn't at my Starbucks. I then told him where mine was. Yes, we all have a Starbucks. Suddenly, he emails me that he is at my Starbucks. SHOCKING! I almost peed my pants. So, I decided to shock him and show up. He then acts like he cannot believe I appeared. But...wasn't that his intention? If he didn't intend on meeting me, why would he drive across town to hang out at my Starbucks and then tell me he was there? Hmmm....bullshit. He wanted me to show up.


I'm going to pick up my boots in a few! Yea! I took my favorite black boots to the cobbler... I love that word! Cobbler. I'm going to say it again...cobbler... Now they should be all sparkly and new, yet broken in to my feet’s content...UPDATE: Holy crap! My mom just told me why I was having a bad week... My grandmother, who adopted me, died 3 years ago tomorrow...


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