June 30, 2009

Nitty Gritty

August 28, 2006

Let's get down to it.

WhY Do PEopLE tyPE liKe THis? I can't stand that. It takes more time and effort to type like that!!

Did you have Mexican jumping beans when you were a kid? Or a pet rock? I'm bored, of course, and sitting here thinking of all the odd things I had growing up. This is because Amanda turned 12 and her party was yesterday. After going through the gifts she received, I realized how lucky kids are today. More so than me with my stupid pet rock!!

Whatever happened to records? Have they all been disposed of? Amanda told me the other day that she had no idea what a record looked like? I am guilty of not keeping any. So...where did they go? Is there an old abandoned Tower Records stuffed full of vinyl somewhere? Do they allow visitors?

My mom told me she was getting me a colon cleanse for my birthday. I said "I'd rather have a massage". I guess nothing will be hitting the fan that day. I'm a little scared for my birthday now!! I thought just getting older was bad.

Does anyone have a life list? Things that you want to do before you die? I think I'm going to start one. There's a lot I want to do. Granted there's a lot I have done, but I'm not satisfied. Of course, I'm not! But, I have to make sure I put some small things on my list. Like....backpack through Europe. Make pasta for dinner. See...I can make pasta tonight and cross one thing off my list. That way I'll feel like I'm accomplishing something.

I am totally pmsing this week. Do you spell it like pmsing or PMSing or pms-ing. Or is it just I have PMS? I have many pet peeves on a normal day but when it's PMS time...they double. Currently my peeve is...why do people ask you to do something they can do? This guy I work with goes and gets copy paper. He says to me...he says...there's no more paper in the closet. Now...there is a case of copy paper right next to the cupboard. Apparently it is to flipping difficult to a) grab it out of the case or b) throw some in the damn cupboard. What?!

So, tell me your pet peeves. I know you have them plus it will a) make me feel better or b) give me something else to complain about!!!


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