June 30, 2009


February 28, 2007

Once upon a midnight dreary, as I pondered weak and weary....or something like that.

I'm sitting at my desk when I hear this banging followed by a "arr arr!" I ignore it because I'm in a new building. I just assume its construction or something. Well, it keeps happening. Finally, curiosity gets to me and I get up and look out the window. There is this HUGE raven pounding its head into the window and cawwing! Cawwing? Cawing? ?? Anyway, he's jumping on the window sill, pecking and banging the window while screaming! I was shocked! This thing is like the size of a small dog. It's funny how you can be talking about something bizarre and then suddenly it comes true. Last night at dinner, I was telling Steph that I didn't like birds. I don't mind seeing them but I don't want them close and I definitely don't want them as pets. Today this dog bird is pecking at my window!! Fuhreaky! I wonder if it's mating season for ravens. Huh...I wonder if it's mating season for Kelly's.....

Have you ever blown your nose and have air come out of your eye? That's fuhreaky too. Makes your eye feel all crazy for a few minutes. Not a fan.

So, my house should be painted this weekend and my landscaping should start on Wednesday. Fingers are crossed. Hopes are high. Hopefully by next weekend I will be able to get some rest. I feel like I have been running for 2 months straight. I am usually a homebody. I like being home...and warm...and cozy....and in pajamas. It feels like I have been out every night and so busy on the weekends I can't see straight. It will be nice when everything calms down in my world. Even though I create the chaos.

I've decided to go to Italy this summer. I think my Aussie's are dead because I haven't heard from them since December. I don't want to go unless I'm going to see them so Australia will wait. I've been searching for packages that include airfare, hotel & rail. I want to go to Venice, Rome & Florence. I found a great independent tour which also has optional escorted day trips as an added bonus. I'm struggling with the price though. It's about $4500 for both Amanda & I. This doesn't include excursions, food or souvenirs. So....I need to do some more research. One thing that I have always said is that I would rather die broke then to die having not lived.

I saw my trainer at the gym last night. I'm standing there sweating my arse off and he tells me we need to set up an appointment so I can get measured. Dear God! I told him that I've finally become dedicated in that I go to the gym 3 times a week for an hour or so each time. I don't want to be disappointed by my measurements. Will I still continue if I know it's not helping? I don't know...probably not. I know I'm stronger because I can zip through my weights and I've increased the weight. But, I don't think I've become smaller or weigh any less. Why does the number matter so much? Grrr. Stupid number.

My friend, Brad, sent me this test yesterday. You had to play word association and it would tell you about your life. I found out that I am playful, I think sex is yummy and my life is a sea of possibilities. I then started singing Gwen..."I'm feeling yummy head to toe." I have to admit, I felt pretty good about myself after that! I love ridiculous, nonsensical tests!! YAY!

Have a good weekend.


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