June 30, 2009

More Random Questions

September 20, 2006

Why is my cell phone never charged? This isn't a difficult task, I know. I just need to plug it in....but why don't I?

Why don't all of your friends get along? Some of my friends don't like some of my friends and vice versa. I wonder...how'd I become friends with all of them? I know you are friends with people for different reasons, but it's hard sometimes.

How long should it take for you to get over someone once you've broken up? I hear lots of theories, for example it should take half the time of the relationship. So, if your relationship lasted 6 years, it would take you 3 years to get over it.

I miss the rain. I really do. My skin is so dry that it hurts. It feels tight...like when I make a fist...my skin hurts. I put lotion on every day but it doesn't help. I drink loads of water...doesn't help either. I need to move to Seattle.

I'm going to be 38 on Friday. I'm getting wrinkles from to much sun worshipping in the 80's. You know, slathering on the baby oil and frying to a crisp. What the hell was I thinking? For that matter, what the hell was I thinking with the 80's hair? Ugh. I was searching through pictures the other day and my God...did I not have a mirror? Anyway, 38...still single...still have people trying to live my life....still headstrong....I should find a boyfriend.

I hate my job. I'm sure everyone knows this already. I literally sit at this desk and do nothing...8 hours a day. It's gotten to the point where when they ask me to do something - I don't want to. Just because what they ask me to do is so demeaning. I'm seriously thinking of going back to Wells Fargo. It will be a cut in pay but at least I liked the job and the people. Plus, it was a great company to work for. I wish I could have any job in the world that I wanted. I'd be a photographer for National Geographic. That'd be awesome.

Oh, my lips are so chapped too! It doesn't help that I bite them and make them bleed. I try to peel the skin off.....I hate the desert!!!!!


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