June 30, 2009


August 31, 2007

How is it possible that I have no idea what my company does? We have meetings every Monday morning to discuss the week's plan. I swear I sit there in a daze, only catching an occasional word or two. I am obviously a good bullshitter because if ever I am asked something, I reply with some random crap that I pull out of my ass. Seriously? We are building a pipe. A pipe that takes your dirty waste to a treatment plant, then it takes your clean waste and dumps it into Lake Mead. How can people be excited about this? This has got to be the lamest bunch of crap I have ever seen…no pun intended. I guess this is why our government is shite. We have meetings about meetings. We have meetings to discuss meetings we had or will have. We have meetings about the meetings to discuss meetings we had or will have. We are a big waste of taxpaying money and time. Just build your bloody pipeline and move on. Jaysus!!

Is it sad that you see deleted profiles and you have no idea who it used to be? I just cleaned out my friends & my comments where there were some of the X deleted profiles. I have no clue. No idea. So sorry. Bye. I'll miss you. Ahem.

As I was sitting at the orthodontists Tuesday night, I started thinking about the choices I have made. I began to wonder where I would have been had I done certain things differently. Like, what if I had married the first man that proposed to me so sweetly on the strand in Kingston? Or what if I moved to Ireland instead of Las Vegas or what if I stayed in New York? What if I stayed in college? I wish there was a computer program that you could download where you could choose different options and see where you might be. That'd be cool. Not twisted like the Butterfly Effect but good..like the Kelly effect. It'd be nice to see where you made mistakes and where you didn't. I don't wonder about these things often but certainly once in a while. Have you ever wondered about your life choices?

I keep every number in my phone. Even numbers of people I don't like or talk to anymore. This is so if they call, I know it's them and I won't answer. I have numbers in my phone that I have no idea who they belong to. I do the whole *67 thing to block my number and call to see if it rings a bell. Nope…still don't recognize the name. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this. By the way, does anyone know Will Valencia? No clue. None. Blank. I'm thinking I drank way to much wine that night.

Once in a while, there comes a song that makes me shudder in disgust as soon as I hear it. I hate Nickelback. Hate them. They have had only one song I could tolerate. I hate the guy. I hate his voice. I hate his music. I don't even know the name of this song but it's about being a rock star. UGH. This song has replaced the last song I despised by that country chick who destroyed her cheating boyfriends truck. I don't even know the names of these songs, that is how much I hate them. What song drives you out of your freaking mind?

Yep, it's almost Autumn. I can tell because I have gone into my yearly homesick mode. I am so freaking homesick it brings tears to my eyes just typing this. I went to sleep last night envisioning my past. Being at my grandma's, raking the fallen leaves into huge piles and jumping into them. Running around with leaves in my hair and clothes, happy to be alive. Walking down tree covered roads in the cool, crisp air to meet Heidi halfway. Going to the pumpkin patch and choosing the perfect pumpkins. Carving all 50 of them with different faces and lining them up on our porch. ::sigh:: I miss my dad. I miss my family. I miss the season. Like I said, it's my typical I hate Las Vegas and want to go home mode.

Was this too depressing? I feel better but have I made you feel like crap? If so, sorry!

Have a GREAT 3 day weekend! Hooo-fucking-rah!! NO work on Monday!! Go Laborers!! *I'm such a dork, it's LABOR day weekend! Not Memorial Day!

I need Starbucks.


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