June 30, 2009

Jousting & Greyhounds

October 15, 2007

Why do people slow down if there is a cop on the side of the road that pulled someone else over? I don't get that. It's not like he's going to forget the schmo he currently has pulled over, jump into his cruiser and chase you down. He's already got his someone. He's already 1 ticket closer to his quota. So, why do you slow down to 50 mph? Another thing about cops is how can he pull two cars over at the same time? You know? You'll see a cop on the side of the road, lights flashing, note pad in hand and two cars pulled over. How does that happen? Wouldn't you just keep going if you were the front car? Wouldn't you just say 'Oh, crap. To bad for that guy behind me.' and be on your merry way? I don't get that either.

I disgust myself. I have been freezing to death this past week and seriously considering turning on the heat. I did turn the heat on at work. How is it possible that I spent half of my life in Upstate NY where the average winter temperature was 30 degrees yet I can't stand it when it gets below 90 in Vegas??? I've gotten weak....and that's shameful. Sorry, dad!

Does anyone think its bad form to let your 13 year old daughter dress up as a prostitute for Halloween? Gaby is dressing up as a Pimp; Amanda is dressing up as a Ho. There was supposed to be 2 Ho's but the good mom said no. No to the Ho! My mom told people at her work and they thought it was horrible. Here's my argument…while I feel like it isn't the best costume she's picked throughout her life, what is the difference between a Ho and a mass murderer? Or a Devil? Or Frankenstein? Or a Vampire? Seriously. It's not like I'm throwing her out on the street on Halloween night to earn some cash. She is wearing a leopard skirt, a tank top, a faux fur coat and flip flops for Cripes sake. She will have smeared red lipstick, runny mascara and bed head though. Haha! Anyone? Anyone?

My stalker is back. He sent a Christmas email to my work. What has to be missing from the logical and sane part of your mind that makes you think it's ok to harass someone? I thought this fuhreak was gone. The last time I heard from him was last year. He sent a Christmas card snail mail that said something like 'It makes me happy to see you', or 'I'll be seeing you soon', written in Chinese. Like I don't have internet access and can't use freetranslation.com to get the general idea. Duh. Maybe he is obsessed with Christmas now. It makes me slightly nervous because I thought he was gone. I finally stopped feeling like I was being watched. Now I feel that tenseness again. Technically, I should blame this on Bill because I think he said his name last weekend. Don't EVER say his name! Say his name…he shows up. This is what I mean when the universe doesn't listen. I don't know why the universe has to listen to Bill. Ugh.

How should you react when your boss's wife calls and is totally rude? I sometimes wonder if she is constantly drunk or if she is mental. This is the same woman that came in with her dog, asked me for paper towels to pick up the shit he made on the sidewalk, and then proceeded to bring the steaming mess into the office. She was going to throw it in my garbage!!! Seriously?!?!? She must call her husband, on average, 5 times a day. The husband that told me I wasn't allowed to have phone calls at work, including my daughter. I hate these fucking people.

What a negative blog this has been! I'm not even pmsing! Wait…let me check my pills…NOPE! Not pmsing….yet. Mwahahahaha!

I had a really great weekend. I hung out with my Core on Friday night. There is something fantastic about great friends, bowling in the dark and beer….yum! I bowled a 129. I think I'm a bowler! I should join a league! Matt would have to join the league with me though because I need him to tell me when it's my turn! Haha! Then Saturday I had lunch with Bill & George at the TI. After lunch, George & I had 1 hour massages. It was my b-day present from B&G. It was fantastic! I wanted it to last forever. George & I decided that we need to be rich so we can hang out at the spa several times a week. Mmmmmm. On Sunday, my mom, Amanda, Monica & I went to the Ren Fair. I usually love Ren Fairs. I love anything medieval, celtic, mystical, etc. The LV Ren Fair sucks now. It's become so commercialized. You can't even take a picture with someone or of something without them asking you for money. Where's the Goat Man when you need him? He was free. There are only two things that interested me this year, the jousting tournament and the greyhounds. Yea…I think I'm done with that one. Sad but true.

Don't you love it when things in your life just start falling into place and you are actually happy? Excluding my job, I am really happy. I have great people, great adventures and great things surrounding me. Hopefully, I'll get a new job soon! That'd be awesome. Oooh, and maybe a boyfriend. That'd be good, too. I am finally working through the bad stuff and making it better. ie: health, etc.

So, like the Jeffersons, I'm moving on up. I am reaching that good place so thank you to my family and friends. You guys rock. Thanks for making me happy. Lurve!

Have a happy week people!


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