June 30, 2009


July 20, 2007

I love men's hands. It's one of those weird things about me, one of many. I doesn't matter what the man looks like, if he has nice hands, I notice. I'm not saying I like fat, pudgy, stumpy or dirty hands. Nice hands. I really can't explain it. I like when you can see the little veins, when they have long fingers, tapered nails, when their hands just look strong and manly. It's so obscure but it floats my boat.

I also love jelly donuts. They are so fun and childlike! I feel like I'm 10 when I bite into one and all the jelly squirts out! It doesn't even matter if you bite where the hole is, jelly goes everywhere. I love that, too! Awww…I'm all lovey today!

Amanda has been at camp all week with Gaby. I really miss her! I can't imagine what I am going to do when Amanda turns 18 and moves away. I will definitely be a little lost. Maybe I should take up macramé. That sounds….fun. Anyone have any suggestions? Gaby's mom was at the camp until Tuesday. She said Amanda was doing fantastic. Amanda & Gaby are 'counselors-in-training'. How cute is that? She also said the girls want to do all three camps next year. Ronald McDonald house offers camp in three sessions. One week each for the Children's Heart Center, Camp AFAN and Nevada Children's Center. Check it out: http://www.rmhlv.com/campsuccess.htm Amanda is at the Heart Center session. I am unbelievably proud of her! I'm so glad all my years of volunteering wore off on her. I can't wait for her to get home!

I have an interview on Tuesday & one on Thursday. Thursday is the one I really want. Its 10 minutes from my house!!! I don't want to jinx it so I'm not going to talk about it. Just PLEASE!! Wish me luck!! I totally need a new job.

Can you imagine being married to Stephen King? He is married and has three kids. I'd be scared. He lives part time in Maine. Maine is where all his freaky deaky tales take place. I wonder what their conversations are about. 'Oh, honey. What would you do if a clown named Pennywise murdered all the town children?' 'Jaysus! Can you just take out the trash, Steve?' Ew…creepy. Yes, there is a reason for this thought. I watched Dream Catcher on TV the other night. Not one of the best 'Based on a Stephen King novel' movies.

I thought I'd catch up on my celebrity gossip. I love Pink Is The New Blog. That shit cracks me up. Here are my celebrity gossip nutshells. Ok, ok, I know…but it's fun.

*Victoria Beckham is an android. I swear. The woman is a freaking robot. She has no facial expressions, she's the size of my 12 year old daughter AND she is always wearing stilettos. Android, I tell you. I am so not impressed with the Beck's. However, Mercedes & Judy seem to think she's 'posh'. They'll have to prove it to me.
*Paris Hilton should dress like her pooch more often. She went to the beach in a leopard; I guess you'd call it, bathing suit that matched her mutt’s suit. She was also dragging a surfboard out of her Bentley. Hmm. I always said Paris was a dog.
*Britney Spears obviously has no idea what a mother is. This woman is the epitome of trailer trash. I still think an exam should be given to people wanting to breed. Britney would have failed. She strips down to her trashy underwear on the side of the road to hop in the ocean. Ugh. Her kids must be so proud.
*Prince wears sandals with socks. MAJOR fashion faux pas in any country. Poor Prince, to make it worse, was wearing flip flops. I love Prince, I do. Perhaps he did get crazy. Perhaps he did go nuts.

Kudos to Perez Hilton. He's fantastic and unapologetic. Love that, too!

Wow…enjoy your weekend.


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