June 30, 2009

Il vino bianco, per favore

April 20, 2007

I booked my Mediterranean cruise and I am so excited! We are flying into Barcelona, Spain a day early so we can run around pretending to speak Spanish. Then we are off on a Titanic like boat to Nice, France. Nice. That's nice. I cannot wait to use my French accent. Next will be the crème de la crème….Italy! We hit Florence, Pisa, Rome, Naples and then Sicily. I cannot wait! I would travel the world, if I could afford it! As it is, it takes me about 4 years to save enough to head back over the pond! Life is good.

I am wearing my BO(RED) shirt today. I AM a mixture of rebel & trouble maker. My friends are right! I dare my boss to say something to me. It is, after all, casual Friday and I am, after all, still bored. I cannot wait to find a new job. I've been searching every day. If I am persistent and positive, something wonderful will come my way. I'm sure of it.

So, I lost my credit card. It's so stupid because I usually am so anal about things like this. I think I lost track of it after all the travel arrangements and crap I've been making. I call Bank of America to notify them of my lost card. Apparently it is unheard of that real live people answer the phone but that isn't what killed me. I pushed 2 for the 'lost or stolen credit card' and was asked to input my card number. Hello? It's LOST! I don't HAVE it in my possession. Do people honestly memorize their credit card number?

I'm still bored. I've been here for 2.5 hours and I've done one thing. My boss comes out and says 'Oh, I've been thinking about giving you stuff to do so can you schedule two meetings? One today to go over the Board Meeting Agenda and one on Monday to go over the things we'll be doing that week.' It took me 2.5 seconds. Whoa! Thanks middle management man. I'm tapped. Mentally exhausted. Whew. The pressure.

I love pot stickers. I had them last night for dinner. Amanda had Moo Goo Gai Pan, which is always fun to say. I don't know what is in a pot sticker and it's probably best that I don't. I love the pot, I love the sticker, and they make me really happy.

What is it with all the penguin movies lately? Madagascar with the crazy penguins, Happy Feet with the dancing penguins, March of the Penguins with the marching penguins and now Surf's Up with the surfing penguins. What the hell is the deal? How many frigging scripts can be created using these flightless birds? I agree that they are cute and precious but all you need to know about them can be summed up in a few sentences. They sometimes mate for life. Not all mating penguins are male & female. The male protects the egg while the female takes charge. If they lose a chick, the female tries to steal another mother's chick. Done. Skip the 1.5 hour movie and the millions of dollars to create said movie.

A guy from another company that works in our office came by and said "Bored. Kelly, are you trying to make a statement?" Heehee again. I said "No. I'm supporting HIV/AIDS programs in Africa." It's because I'm cultuRED. HA! Here we go again.

I have a toothache that I'm pissy about. BUT, my size 8's are feeling loosey goosey and that's the beginning of a good weekend! Ciao


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