June 30, 2009

I think....

July 13, 2007

...I'm at the end of my proverbial rope. I actively search for a new job EVERY DAY! Every damn day I am combing the internet in search of something interesting, something requiring intelligence, and something that pays decent! It's driving me nuts! There is nothing! Nothing! I say! I'm so far gone that I have begun looking in the UK and Ireland for jobs. The pound is worth more than the dollar! Damn it! Plus, I love it there!!! I can't help kicking myself for being so stupid leaving Wells Fargo. Ugh. Somebody please shoot me. Don't miss.

Has anyone's nose been really bothering them? It's so dry that I'm getting bloody noses. My nose is actually sore. Stupid desert. No jobs and NO moisture! Why the hell did I move here??!! I thought July was monsoon season. I thought this was the one time of year when we had rain. Where are the floods?? Where is the idiot guy that gets stuck on top of his car every year? Where are the annoying beeping service announcements stating Clark County has been issued a flood warning? They always interrupt Big Brother! Where are they??! What is happening here, people??

I only have 30 minutes for lunch so I never go. I mean, what's the point? By the time I get into my 111 degree car and drive someplace, it's time for me to go back. I do occasionally hit the Starbuck's though. I will not forsake my caffeine addiction for anyone. Speaking of 111, I think my car thermometer is broken. Every time I look at it, it's 111. Is that possible?

Anyway, I went to Hooter's for lunch yesterday. I know….SO not my choice. The gang at the engineering company we are in contract with invited me. Just to be ironic I ordered a hot dog. During lunch, we actually pointed at the waitress to get her attention and she looked behind her. Really? Really. How apropos? I noticed several things at Hooter's. Women who are a size -1 should not get DD implants. Seriously. Poor dumb girl looked like she was about to tumble forward. Men love breasts. Not surprising but you would think that if you've seen one set you've seen them all but not so. The men were practically drooling on themselves over two milk producing mounds of fat tissue. Or, in this case, silicon and the food was not good. I can eat a hot dog at home, look at my own breasts and sit in a comfortable chair for $1.49. That's the cost of the turkey dogs I buy at the grocery store.

I dress younger than I am. Today I am wearing a hot pink tee that has an owl on the front of it, low rise jeans and pink flip flops. Really. I can't shop in the women's section of stores. It's all old lady crap. Baggie khaki capris & white button down shirts are not what I want to wear. I don't know if I dress this way because I act young or feel young or if it’s because I think I'm so cute. Do people look at me and feel sad because I'm not dressing my age? Who is to say what clothing certain ages should wear?

I need someone to clean my car. Inside and out. I've had the car a year and have never cleaned the inside. I'll drive through the car wash now and then but it's to bloody hot to clean the inside. Who will do this for me? Anyone know who does this? Of course I'll pay. At my old job there was a guy who would come and do everything for you. It was like $35 bucks. Now THAT is a deal.

Happy Weekend!

*Update: I'm sitting at my desk and I hear the burper & my boss talking about how there are too many medications in the world and it's destroying the natural order of things. They were saying that people with diseases wouldn't have lived long enough to reproduce. Now that they are living long enough, they are spreading the disease by having children who obviously will have the same genetics. I AM MORTIFIED!! Not only as a human being, but also as a diabetic AND A MOM!!!! Who can believe this??!!


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