June 30, 2009

I forgot...

August 5, 2006

…how to flirt!! Or I became shy! I saw this cute guy today at Walmart. Yes...Walmart. Go figure. He was tall, brown hair, handsome face...pretty. I know guys aren't supposed to be pretty but he was. Anyway, I was pushing my damn cart and he pulled out in front of me, going the other way. I was thinking about what I needed and so wasn't really paying attention. I looked up, he was looking at me. I immediately averted my eyes and kept going. I MISSED ALL THE STEPS! I didn't hold the look, I didn't pass then look back, I didn't smile, I didn't do anything! After a few seconds I was like...hey- he's cute but by then it was to late. Jesus! I'm pathetic! First, it's surprising I found someone attractive! I'm the most particular girl on the planet and yet, here he was...in Walmart..buying like...soap. I kept glancing around in a sneaky-like fashion...but didn't see him again. Oh well, no date for me tonight. ::sigh:: What's with me? Do I need to re-learn the art of flirting? Or do I need to pay more attention? Be more prepared? What? And what's with the looking down like a shy girl? I'm not shy!! :::sigh again:::

On a side note, I love shopping for Amanda. I love buying her clothes. I don't love spending the money but I love getting stuff I can't wear for her. I wish I was rich, that way I could buy her loads of cute clothes! Today I bought her the cutest pants, skirt & shirts at the mall. 'Hello, Hollister & American Eagle! $150 bucks, you say? Sure...here ya go.' Anyway, she's going to look so friggin cute in 7th grade!! I know...I know...I spoil her but I don't care. It makes me happy.


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