June 30, 2009

Hell Update

March 28, 2007

This morning I gave the 13 year old girl a ride to school. I asked how everything was and she told me she was back home with her mom. Dennis hadn't returned home, as far as she knew.

I decided to contact Metro to find out what had been done regarding Monday night's incident. I asked the Detective what the protocol was for Domestic Violence cases. He said that usually reports are filed with the proper agencies but couldn't really give me a concrete answer. He suggested I call Child Protective Services. I did.

A young woman answered and I briefly explained what I wanted. She asked the parents names. I told her I didn't know their last name but did give her their first names. I got out "Dennis" and she finished with "Kelly". She then said "The boy is 17, correct?" I said "As a matter of fact, he is." She told me that I was the third person today that had called their office to report this family. I was told that they are definitely going to check on these kids and ensure their safety. She was surprised that she had received 3 calls in a row regarding this family and that, alone, raised their concern.

I'm not trying to break up a family. So, before I get attacked, please know this. What I am trying to do is provide a safe haven for these kids. If that means mandatory family counseling, great! It's needed. If that means placement in another home, great too. I'm not here to pass judgment or say what outcome is right or wrong. I will, however, say that the behavior I witnessed was WRONG. In every sense of the word.

Perhaps this is the intervention the mom needs to give her the strength to move on. Perhaps this is the avenue the step dad needs to travel to realize he has issues. Whatever it takes for these kids to be ok is fine with me.I will keep checking on them.


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