June 30, 2009

Hell Is For Children

March 27, 2007

It's a great week for some, like you and I. It's not a great week for others, like the 3 children I met who live in an abusive home.

In Clark County during the year 2002, there were 8,174 reports of child abuse and neglect. Only 8,174 cases were reported. It makes me wonder how many cases were not reported.

Last night, Amanda & I were at home. I was in the process of making dinner and Amanda was running around like a maniac. Typical week night. While the chicken was cooking, I poured myself a glass of wine. I was about to go sit outside at my new bistro set and enjoy the evening when I heard tires screeching. I assumed that some idiot teenage driver was on the road. Amanda comes walking inside saying something to the effect of "That guy doesn't know how to drive!" I look out the window and see a white SUV parked sideways on the road. Neighborhood Watch kicks in and I go outside to see what's up. I was not prepared for what I saw. A man jumped out of the SUV, grabbed this woman by the shirt and threw her up against the cement wall. I was shocked! Then the man starts punching her in the face. The woman falls to the ground and the man jumps on her, literally beating the hell out of her. I then saw two children....I then heard their screams.

This all happened in a matter of seconds. It was so bizarre…like I was watching a movie that I didn't like but couldn't turn off. I was having horrible tunnel vision. The neighborhood disappeared, my house disappeared….all I saw was this family. I snapped to and screamed at the top of my lungs "STOP!" I ran into the house, grabbed my cell, and told Amanda to turn off the oven and stay inside. I started dialing and running. The man jumped into his SUV and took off. I was still in my yard when I saw the victims. It was a teen boy with long hair, not a woman, a little girl and an even smaller boy. The teens face was covered in blood and he was limping. He was on the phone with 911 too. The other two were not hurt physically but you could see the mental anguish written all over there little faces. I grabbed the kids and started leading them into my house. Then the man drives by again. This time I got a good look at him and his license plate number. I finally hang up with 911. I get the teen cleaned up and try to make sure the other two kids were ok.

A 17 year old boy, a 13 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. I won't say their names but I will tell the story. Their mother, ironically named Kelly, lives with Dennis. Dennis, the fucker, is an abuser. Dennis has been abusing Kelly and the kids for years. The dad lives in Florida. The mom lives in denial and fear. She is more concerned about her FICO score then the safety of her children. She wants to save money for a new car and get her name off the mortgage before she leaves Dennis. Not only do I think Dennis is a weak piece of shit that deserves nothing less than hell. I think the mother is a weak piece of shit that should lose her children. Is that judgmental of me? ABSOLUTELY! The teen got the crap beat out of him in the middle of the road because he didn't tell Dennis 'fast enough' that his mom went to the hospital. Kelly was having chest pains…there's a shocker. Remember when I said prospective parents should be tested before being allowed to breed? Case in point.

The police were at my house for four hours…taking statements, pictures and doing whatever else police do in a domestic violence situation. The teen was trying to call his mom and dad the entire time. He didn't get a response until about 3.5 hours later. When he hung up with his mom, he turned to look at me and I was floored. What I saw in this young kids eyes made me cry. I saw such a deep sadness, hopelessness and defeat. I saw worry, confusion and fear. I saw him pleading without saying a word. I saw a tiredness that no 17 year old should ever have to feel. Dennis got in touch with Kelly first and told a completely different story compared to what the teen told her…and what I had witnessed. Kelly chose to believe Dennis. The kids did not go home last night. I don't care what this teen did…no child deserves to be brutally beaten in the middle of a road. Nor does a 13 year girl or an impressionable 8 year old boy need to be subject to that kind of environment. I WISH that this fucker would come to my house. He saw me. He knows I saw him. I told the cops that if I see him, I will hurt him so they better be prepared to return. An abuser is a bully. A bully is weak. He gets his rocks off by picking on those smaller & weaker than himself because it makes him feel powerful. He has yet to meet the likes of me. God help him if he does because I will pound his fucking skull in with my Louisville Slugger. We'll see how tough he is then.

Bill was right when he said I always try to save people. He was speaking specifically about the men I date but I realize it's just that way. How do I save these kids? Or do I step off because this is none of my business? These kids NEED and deserve a life that's filled with laughter and love. These kids touched my heart. The 8 year old heard I was from NY and asked me if I like the Yankees. I told him I did and gave him my "Official" Yankee jersey. But I made him look me in the eye and promise that he would never behave the way Dennis did. I wanted him to understand that this is NOT ok. This is NOT what life is. This is NOT what love is. This is NOT proper behavior. God. Will he know this? Will the little girl know that a man's love is not measured by the number of bruises he gives you? When I told the kids that this was not how life is…the teen said "It's how our life is." UGH!

So while I'm spouting off in blogs about how my landscaping isn't done and how talks with an ex make me sad…there are people who live every day in an unhappy place. I tend to forget this. I AM SO TORN!! I want to beat this man. I want to beat the woman! I go back and forth with this anger that isn't even mine! What do I do?

What the hell do I do? What do WE do?

*Peace.....or is it?

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