June 30, 2009

Hasta la Pasta

May 3, 2007

I've been saying all week that I'm suicidal. Not in my every day normal life, just at work. I want to shoot myself in the head Monday through Friday from 6:15am to 5:00pm. The average person spends 2080 hours a year at work, 2080 hours a year sleeping, and 2080 hours for life. Into these life hours go the typical things such as commute, errands, and appointments leaving very little leisurely time. So, 1/3 of my life is spent at work contemplating suicide. Nice. I really need to find something I like to do within these 2080 hours. I think I have applied for every position available in Las Vegas. I'm seriously considering looking in other states. Arizona, perhaps. I have 6 years before I can leave the country. Six years….that's 12480 hours of work that I hate, provided I remain at my life sucking job. I suck at math so my numbers may be wrong but the sentiment is spot on.
Pineapple makes me poop. I figured this out when I went to Hawaii. I went to the bathroom more in one Hawaiian week than I do in two mainland months. I just ate some pineapple for lunch. Guess where I'll be in a little while.

I got a letter in the mail yesterday stating that I may be summoned to appear in court regarding the child abuser. I guess that means this guy is going on trial. I'm a little leery about appearing in court to testify, but on the flip side, why the hell shouldn't I? He deserves whatever the hell he gets. The kids said he was on probation so maybe they'll lock his iniquitous ass up this time.

On May 19th I'm getting my hair done. I'm getting a cut…I think I'm getting bangs AND I'm getting a color. Help me decide. I'm a natural blonde. It's getting darker as I get older but still blonde. Should I liven up my blonde a bit or go a different route. I've always wanted to be a redhead or a brunette. Red, I hear, is really hard to maintain so I crossed that off my wishful list. Brown will just eventually lighten back to Blonde. I can handle that. I'm totally low maintenance and can't do the salon every 4 weeks. I'm thinking a medium brown. So….vote for:

Blonde or Brown?

Your votes will decide!(I think. Haha!)

What the hell is the extended network on this site? Every time I check someone out, there's a banner that says "Joe Blow is in your extended network." Where is it? I want to see it. Anyone know? Stupid extended network.

I think I'm going to pretend I'm Mexican this weekend. After all, it is Cinco de Mayo. Can I call it Cinco de Miracle Whip? Not a mayo fan. Anyway, I'm to pale to be Mexican. I won't go tanning though because I don't want to be a tanorexic. I was watching the news last night and oddly enough the first story was about illegal immigrants, the second was about tanning. Stay out of the sun, people. Stay out of the tanning booths, people. Stay out of the country illegally, people. Sheesh. I want to be an illegal immigrant...in Italy or in Greece....just for a little while...until I get tan.

Ooooh! I bought bundlets today! Amanda & I are going to have a fantabulous dessert tonight! Nothing Bundt Cakes Bundlets...choco choco chip. YUM! Life is good says Ms. Suicidal.

I want to play a game at the park. I don't care what. Volleyball, baseball, whatever. I need to find someone who has game tools. Saturday...in the park...we could play and sing that song. Come on, people. Sheesh. Who's got game?!

*************Addendum: Shit, Piss, Facundo!! I just got a 7% raise!! What?! Are you kidding me?! You think I'd be happy but this prevents me from finding another job. I make too much now. Oh, I know...wah..wah..poor me but jaysus!!! I need to revise my thought process regarding work.


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