June 30, 2009

Get Ogre It!

May 18, 2007

My last blog certainly had a negative undertone. This one is going to be different. I'm truly sorry about being a 'Negative Nancy'. (Thanks, Marcus! haha!) However, I still believe wholeheartedly that you reap what you sow. So, tsk tsk all you rotten sowers.

I do have some wonderful friends. Friends that I know I can count on, no matter what. Friends I know will be there for me, even if it's just to hear me vent. Friends that consist of all the wonderful things a friend should be…..and more. I am so lucky and grateful for that. My life is a better place with these friends in it. People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. My lifetime friends know who they are. Aristotle once said 'A friend is a single soul in two bodies.' That's a lovely thought. You can have many acquaintances in your life, but only few kindred souls. I love me some kindred souls!!!

Something paramount has happened to me. I LOVE THE GYM! Not Jim, the Gym. I LOVE WORKING OUT!! I don't know what the hell happened, or how, but it did. I like going to the gym. I like getting sweaty and tired. I like being sore the next day. I like to release all of my days crap at the gym. I think that's why I love it. It doesn't matter whether I'm sad, tired, hurt, and angry. The elliptical doesn't care. The elliptical says 'Screw you! Work Harder!' I love that. I seriously have to go to the gym. Not every day, because I'm way to busy for that, but at least 3 to 4 times a week and at least for an hour. I could spend hours in the gym if I had the time. I don't think, I don't stress, I work out and I love it! I haven't lost any weight but I have gained muscle. Yay for the gym!

I am a planner. I wish I was more spontaneous, I really do but I love to plan. I am much happier when I know what I'm doing ahead of time. I knew what I was doing tonight over a week ago. I've had all that time to be really excited and looking forward to a wonderful evening. I plan almost everything. I plan what I'm having for dinner each night. I plan what we will watch on TV. I plan vacations. I plan shopping. I plan the gym. I do! I don't like it when something throws off my plan. I don't react well to last minute things. It's just like being on time. I am always on time. If I'm late, there is a VERY good reason, like I almost died or something. I just despise being late. For anything. It makes me cranky. Always have a plan & always be on time. That's my new credo.

Right now I am planning to spend more time at home with my daughter. I have been going out to much, meeting friends, running around, doing whatever it is and not being at home. Not that this is a bad thing! I love living my life. But, deep down, I'm a homebody. Plus, I spent thousands of dollars to get my home to a place where I love it and now I'm hardly there!! WTF?! I'm staying home. A lot. For a while. Until I cruise. Then I won't.

Ok, mouse update. There was another mouse in my house yesterday. This one was dead. Apparently after the first sighting, my cats' instinct kicked in and they figured out they are supposed to catch these rodents! I called my bug man, because, eww! So, the bug man gave me 3 options. Option 1: A glue board, which is exactly as it sounds. You put peanut butter on it and hope the mice get stuck. Problem: Not only torturous but sometimes they escape leaving hunks of fur and I'd have to dispose of them. Uh, no. Ew. Option 2: A box in which chemicals are placed inside. The mice crawl in the box, eat the chemicals and then go on their merry mousey way. Problem: The chemical eats the mouse from the inside out. The mice would slowly die, leaving their skeletons wherever they were when they kicked the proverbial bucket. Uh, no. Ew. Option 3: Mouse traps stationed all over the house. Uh, no. Ew. I opted for none. I have 3 cats so hopefully they now know that their mom is not excited about mice and will take care of them accordingly. Reason #42 on why I should have a man.

OH! I finally got my flight information for my trip. I pick up my tickets on Saturday. OH MY GOD!!!! I'm so freaking excited I can hardly stand it. It's all about me and my trip for the next month.We have a layover in Amsterdam. Yay! I hope I have enough time to buy some brownies. ::wink wink::

So, I bought a dress to wear on vacation. I thought I'd practice wearing a dress ahead of time so I won't look like a 5 year old playing dress up on the boat. I have panty issues. The first time I wore it, I wore briefs. The dress is cotton so I didn't want it to ride up my ass. I ended up walking around all day with panty lines riding up my butt. The second time I wore it, I wore thongs. Yep. It went up my ass all day. Whatever happened to slips? Slips prevented the under garment issue. Although, I don't think this is the type of dress you'd wear a slip with. What do I do? I look totally cute in my dress though.

One last thing…popcorn. I have been eating a lot of popcorn at work because it's an easy snack to bring. My favorite is the puffy part of the corn. I'll bite that part off first. It's almost like eating an Oreo. I have a very specific way. I'm so contradicting though because my other favorite part of popcorn is the kernel that is almost popped but not really. I wish more would be almost popped. Those are yummy.

I'm going to see Shrek 3 tonight with my dearest, most special friends! Yay! Oh, and a bunch of kids, too! What fun! Chili's. Shrek 3. Awesome friends. Popcorn. I will get popcorn. For sure.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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