June 29, 2009

More of Kelly's Random Thoughts

December 7, 2006

Whatever happened to the good "Prince" songs? Little Red Corvette, Kiss, Raspberry Beret? Also, what happened to his pervy songs? Dirty Mind, Do It All Night? Poor Prince...I miss him.

Why do men wear tight shirts? Seriously, are they gay? There was this guy at the gas station with a tight, black shirt on. Was it lycra? I don't know. Why was he wearing this? Was he looking for a boyfriend, trying out for the ski team or joining the ice capades? I wonder about these things.

Speaking of gay, my Honda has the gayest horn ever! I don't even use it, it's that embarrassing. I will roll down the window and scream, risking an accident, before I beep my horn. Sometimes, when I forget I've already locked the door and I hit the lock button again, the horn beeps. I want to die when this happens.

So, I was talking to this friend and we were discussing hanging out. Just hanging out and getting to know one another. We've already met so it wasn't an odd thing to be talking about. Anyway, he deleted his profile. Should I be offended? Haha! Holy cow, what was that all about?! It was coffee, not marriage. Sheesh...a simple 'not interested' would have sufficed Mr. Drama.

I love my Christmas tree. It's the first time in a very long time that I've had a real tree and I LOVE it! It smells so yummy in my house. I want to turn the lights on, grab a blanket and sleep under it. That's how much I love my tree.

I think I'm going to sign up for a Pilate’s class. This Pilates place just opened right down the road from my house. It's right next to my Starbuck's, so that's good. I think it would be fun and I want to get in shape. I'm going to look into that this weekend.

I need to shave my legs. Being single and winter, I've let this slide. How gross am I? But, hey, like I said...I'm single so no one is going to feel on my legs. It's winter so no one is going to see my legs. I don't wear skirts...again no one will see. So, I let it slide once in a while, so what? Maybe I'll stop wearing deodorant and stick flowers in my hair. Become a real hippie. Maybe. Eww....but I'll smell...so maybe not.

One more thing...why is it that I can take being used, mean women, pain and other bad things without a hitch but a Christmas song about a little boy wanting to buy his dying mother shoes brings me to tears??!! What the hell? Oh, and some commercials too...the really sad ones like the old lady who never gets mail and the neighbors send her a Hallmark card. Holy cow! And I'm not even pmsing!!!


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