June 29, 2009

Christmas Questions

December 13, 2006

Considering its 12 days before Christmas, there are some very important questions that I would like to know the answer to 12 of them for obvious reasons. Ready? Ok. (Oooh..went back into cheerleader mode ~ sorry.).

1... Why do snowmen have brooms? Amanda & I watched Frosty the Snowman last night and I asked her the same thing... Are they going to clean the house? Career change to chimney sweep? Remove cobwebs from the ceilings? I don't get it.

2...Speaking of 12 days of Christmas, what is with that song? Seriously. Most of the gifts are fowl and people... Does the true love own an aviary? Does she collect people? I'm sure there is some odd religious answer for this but I'd like to hear yours instead.

3... When you go to pick out your tree, at the place on the corner that just got rid of the pumpkins, why does it say 'Live Christmas Trees’? Ummmm...yea.4... Why did Santa name one of his reindeer Vixen? Doesn't he know what that means? Maybe he should ask himself for a dictionary.

5... Do people still eat fruitcake? Or fetch & light a Yule log? Or eat both? Apparently Yule logs can also be a confectionary type deal...I saw it at Walmart. Can't imagine what it tastes like but I almost bought one for a tacky party! Haha!6... Has anyone ever had to pull tinsel out of their cats butt? Or their dogs? Does anyone use tinsel any more? My mom used to put one strand at a time on the tree. After that madness, I don't have the stuff.

7... Why is there only one way to spell Christmas and there are like 7 ways to spell Hanukkah? Is it better to have 8 days rather than just 1?

8... Instead of hanging mistletoe, why don't you just kiss everyone you want to kiss? This would save the work of hunting the person down and pulling him/her under the plant for smooches.

9... How many Christmas songs are there? I only hear about 10 of them all performed by different artists in different manners.

10... If Santa never ages....why does he look old? Was he born old? Did he age..then stop? Did Santa find the Fountain of Youth?

11... Who gives Santa gifts? Mrs. Claus? The elves? I wonder what he asks for. I can't imagine it would be cookies and milk.

12... Who is Virginia and why is she always questioning?


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