June 30, 2009

Dear Diary...

September 15, 2006

...I almost died yesterday morning! I got into the shower, started washing my hair, saw something out of the corner of my eye....and screamed! There was a HUGE brown spider staring at me! Oh my God. I jumped out of the shower and started hitting the curtain. The 8 legged freak fell off and went down the drain. It was like a scene from a scary movie. ::shudder::

Bill & George gave me another cat. They found a homeless kitten, couldn't keep her because they already have 3 cats, and so brought her over to my house. I have almost become the crazy old lady on the corner with a big hat & 50 gazillion cats. The only thing missing is an atrocious hat. Her name is Bella, she's about 3 months old, black & white. My 2 boys are her friends now. So, I guess she's staying. Grrr!! Hate cat hair!!!

My birthday is next week and I was thinking that I don't really feel as old as I am. I see other people my age, how they act, their homes, their jobs, etc. and they seem so mature. They seem to have it all together. I feel like I should be sitting at the kids table during holiday dinners. I think my age is wrong. Note to self: Ask Mom for birth certificate.


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