June 30, 2009


April 27, 2007

This morning I was thinking that I would blog about my typical random thoughts, as usual. You know, such as why grown overweight men do not wear t-shirts underneath their white dress shirts. Or why I can't stand Rosie O'Donnell. Perhaps even talk a bit about last nights Democratic debate. How I just may begin to like this country again considering there is a woman, an African American and Hispanic candidate. Excellent!

Then I became a little retrospective and decided to write about the 15 years I have spent in Las Vegas. Actually, it will be 15 years this December. Happy early anniversary to me. I won't go into detail but….welcome to the bullet point version of the life & times of Kelly. That's me.

• I have lost myself. I have found myself. I sound like Charles Dickens. Haha!• I got married…and divorced.• I have a beautiful daughter that I'm so proud of.• I overcame a drug addiction and a nicotine addiction. Whew!• I gained 20 pounds and laugh lines.• I lost a few acquaintances and a few wisdom teeth.• I've found many beautiful friends.• I pulled myself up from near bankruptcy to having excellent credit.• I bought a condo….and then a home.• My salary is higher than anything my parents ever made.• I fell in love for the first time.• My heart was almost irreparably broken for the first time. I said almost.• I went to Canada, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.• I almost died….probably more than once but definitely once.• I jumped out of a perfectly good plane over the Las Vegas desert.• I went hot-air ballooning.• I went surfing in Oahu. I do have the upper body strength.• I caused a 6 car pile up.• I started listening to my body.• I learned how to two-step and promptly forgot.• I lost my adoptive mother….my grandmother, Nadine Kelley.• I reintroduced myself to my inner strength.• I made mistakes and accepted them as such.• I fed giraffes and pet a rhino!• I won an all expense paid trip to Hawaii for being an excellent employee.• I got two tattoos even though I wasn't supposed to.• I snorkeled with sea turtles and dolphins.• I've made out with a girl in a bar. Yep, it's true…much to her dismay, I'm not a lesbian.• I got fired.• I joined the gym and work out at least 3 times per week.• Lost a dog, a cat & 3 fish, gained 3 cats.• I know all of my faults and….also all of my excellence.

There is a saying that goes "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." I plan on having breath capturing moments until my very last breath.

Now….who is voting for Hillary and who watched the penis fish on Grey's?


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