June 30, 2009


September 21, 2007

You all know I've had a really crappy week. I wish I had something fun & peppy to blog about like how my inner thighs hurt from the gym crotch machine or how great Costco is but I am just not up for it. It sucks because writing is my release. It also sucks because this is my birthday week. UGH! But, very few get to see the soft, mushy side of Kelly, so I'll just release in my journal at home.

In lieu of my typical insane rantings, I wanted to send out some thanks. Thanks to those who supported me during my loss (my lover dove, Oreo) and those who are supporting my JDRF walk. (I reached my goal & raised it. Donate!) Both of these things mean more than anyone will ever know. I am truly touched, grateful and appreciative. I feel the love, my friends! I really do.


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